Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant Cost Guide

What is Bone Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy kidney from a live or deceased donor into the body of a person whose kidney has stopped functioning properly.

What is Kidney?

Kidneys are two bean shaped organs located on either side of spine just below the rib cage. Each one is about size of fist. The main function is to filter and remove excess waste material and fluids from blood by producing urine. When the ability of kidney to filter fluid is lost it results in to waste accumulation in the body. It can raise the blood pressure and result in End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) it’s also called End Stage Renal Disease. It is categorised as when 90% ability of kidney is lost.

What are the reasons for ESKD?

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic, uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulus nephritis–an inflammation and eventual scarring of the tiny filters within your kidneys
  • Polycystic kidney diseases
  • People with ESKD get their waste removed from the blood stream through dialysis or have to undergo transplant to stay alive. Those people who face kidney failure are people for whom this treatment is the best, as it increases their chances of living a longer and healthier life. But for certain patients, transplant is more risky then dialysis.

    What are the conditions that may prevent a patient for being eligible for Kidney Transplant?

  • Advanced Stage
  • Severe heart diseases
  • Recently treated cancer
  • Progressive cancers
  • Mental illnesses
  • Dementia
  • Alcohol’
  • How to decide donor for Kidney Transplant?

    There are two types of donors in a Kidney Transplant first one is a cadaveric donor, once a recipient has no family member so as potential donor there exists an opportunity to receive kidney from a recently deceased individual who is determined by Brain dead by the hospital. One of the major difficulties is HLA matching in such cases as there are very less chances of getting HLA identical or more than 50% matched. So, the surgeries done with cadaveric donor are more complicated with less survival time. The second type is when donor is a living donor. The best candidate should be of at least 18 years old and should not be suffering from any illness, and overweight.

    How donor and recipient compatibility is matched?

    The main tests to see compatibility between donor and recipient is done by the following tests:
  • Blood type tests: This makes sure that the patient blood type and recipient blood type has good match.
  • Cross match tests: Sample of blood of donor and recipient was mixed to see if how they react.
  • HLA typing: HLA typing is performed to see if donor and recipient share certain genetic markers related to immune system. High match isn’t necessary but it’s important for judging outcome of the surgery.
  • What is the procedure of Kidney Transplant?

  • An incision is made on abdomen and new kidney is placed in lower abdomen old kidney are left unless they are causing complications such as high blood pressure, kidney stones or infections.
  • The blood vessels of the new kidney are attached to the blood vessels in the lower part of your abdomen just above your legs.
  • The new kidney urethra is connected to the bladder.
  • The surgery usually takes 3 to 4 hours.

    What are the cost factors involves in Kidney Transplant?

    The patient who is suffering from kidney related disorders requires Kidney Transplant. Before the patient undergo surgery it is mandatory to keep him on the dialysis so as to make the kidney functional. Cost of Kidney Transplant depends on several like:
  • Physical examination
  • Health check-up of donor
  • Patient’s dialysis
  • Cardiac and psychiatric check-up is required
  • Hospital charges
  • Laboratory charges
  • Stay of donor
  • Hotel expenses
  • Food and accommodation expenses
  • Complication management
  • Prescribed medications
  • Dietician after surgery
  • Follow-up sessions
  • What is the overall approximate cost of Kidney Transplant?

    In India India is considered a perfect destination for Kidney Treatment because of its affordable cost and use of advanced techniques in the multi-speciality hospitals. Kidney Transplant in India along with food and accommodation costs approximately $12,907. In Turkey Turkey also attracts foreign patients because of their medical services they give to them. Kidney Treatment in Turkey along with food and accommodation costs approximately $22,402. In Singapore Hospitals in Singapore are highly advanced in terms of services and comfort. Kidney Treatment in Singapore along with food and accommodation costs approximately $38,431. In Israel Israel is considered as one of the most advanced medical technology due to which patients tend to travel Israel for several medical purposes. Kidney Treatment in Israel along with food and accommodation costs approximately $48,422.

    How long patient has to stay?

    In country Firstly, the stay depends on the condition and disease of the patient. Since, the procedure takes time thus, it is recommended for a patient and attendant to stay for at least 1-2 months until recovery in the country where they are travelling for the Kidney Transplantation treatment. In hospital For recipient, it is mandatory to stay for at least 15 to 21 days. For donor, it is mandatory to stay for at least 5 to 10 days.

    Is there a need of dialysis again after Kidney Transplant?

    Generally, it is not required as the transplantation start the kidney’s function and patient can lead a normal life with medications and proper healthy diet. In very rare cases, dialysis is required after long time of surgery.

    Why to choose Kidney Transplant over dialysis?

  • To avoid the painful procedure
  • Avoid long stay in hospital
  • Kidney transplant is economically safe
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Longevity will be increased
  • Patient can get back to his normal routine life with a healthy diet.
  • Why choose MedTours Global for Kidney Transplant?

    Foreign people get attracted towards India for Kidney Transplantation more and keeping that in mind MedTours Global helps their patients in getting complete treatment and makes their medical travel easy. MedTours Global is associated with the best JCI and NABH accredited multi-specialty hospitals globally having an emergency infrastructure, fully equipped with the latest technologies and techniques. MedTours Global also has their own advisory panel which helps the patient in getting the best treatment plan and makes the patient’s journey easy. MedTours Global gives comfort to the patients in providing consultation with doctors through e-mail, phone, and video calling as well. Case managers of MedTours Global care for each and every patient and provide support and assistance before and after Kidney Transplantation. MedTours Global commits to help their patients with their services and availability Free of Cost 24/7.

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