Lucy Wills

History’s remarkable research of Folic Acid by Lucy Wills

Ever thought from where Folic Acid came? Who coined this term? Where was she from? What made her invent this? Your answer of all the questions is a British Haematologist Lucy Wills. A lady from Britain who studied on the anaemic condition of pregnant women in India. Her work was so efficient that she is now known as a celebrity in the medical world.

After completing her studies in Cambridge University she landed India for a research programme where she worked in textile industry of Mumbai. She chooses textile industry as it is the only place where the disease was floating in abundance amount.  She evaluated the pregnant ladies who were then suffering from macrocytic anaemia. With this, she came on a conclusion that due to the malnutrition the pregnant ladies were suffering from the anaemic condition. Macrocytic anaemia was determined as the life-threating disease. She further researched on them in a hope to prevent from this disease. Pre-clinical experiments were performed by feeding them yeast and she found a chemical known as folate which was further termed as Folic Acid.

This was considered as one of the remarkable research in the history of medical science. This theory is now known as Wills Factor. In the present scenario, folic acid is used in different pregnancy related medicines which the gynaecologists prescribed to the pregnant lady which is useful to her.

MedTours Global wishes them Happy Birthday and thanks them for this biggest discovery!

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