Frequently Asked Questions

1What is MedTours Global?
MedTours Global is an online medical tourism facilitator and a platform that offers a wide range of medical and wellness-centric services and facilities. Our company bridges the gap between international patients and healthcare service providers at competitive and economical rates. Apart from medical assistance, we also take care of all the additional services like visa arrangement, trip planning, etc.
2Why should I choose MedTours Global? What are the benefits of availing services through MedTours Global?
MedTours Global believes in providing services with Compassion, Empathy, and Care. Our team of experts and empanelled doctors ensure that the best consultancy services are given along with smoother journey planning during the complete stay of the medical tourist in the preferred country he is visiting for medical treatment. As a company, our customer’s priorities and needs are our prior responsibility and duty. We provide customized services based on the individual requirement and condition of the overall health and well-being of any medical tourist.
3Why should I consult a doctor/healthcare professional through MedTours Global?
When you avail any service or facility through MedTours Global, you will be assured that you will get the best. We have a very strict selection process when we consider partner with any Healthcare professional or facility. Even the Wellness treatments that we offer, we carefully look into it to ensure that our customers do not have any complaints about the services that we provide.
4I’m getting mixed recommendations/suggestions from my doctor and the consulting doctor of another country. How can I sort out this conflict?
We do offer the option of taking a second opinion to help you in clearing all your doubts free of cost. If you want, we do make the necessary arrangements so that you can speak to one of our specialists and decide accordingly. This service will also help you to understand what treatment options are available for you based on your medical condition.
5What are the security measures taken by MedTours Global to safeguard my personal and confidential information?
Keeping in mind the risks in the virtual world, MedTours Global has invested in some of the best security measures there are available in the industry today. We have a special team that monitors every small movement happening in the security front. Moreover, we do not believe in working in an unsecured environment in any form or method.
6Why do you need my personal Mail ID/contact information?
MedTours Global believes in ensuring that the customer gets everything in written. We need your email id to send you any/all correspondence regarding any/all changes and updates made about your treatment/procedure and/or your trip to India or another country for medical treatment/procedure.

General Information

1Are your healthcare clinics and hospitals up to the international standards?
Yes, all the healthcare clinics and hospitals that we have tied up with are on par with international standards. These service providers are not only equipped with all the basic necessities, but also have an advanced healthcare machineries and equipment to provide better treatment to our patients.
2What is the waiting time for hospital admission or to avail any treatment?
We at MedTours Global schedule your trip so that you have little to no waiting time in order to avail any treatment. We ensure that your hospital admission process should be completed as soon as you enter the country or after any/all additional tests have been carried out in case there is a need/recommendation.
3What vaccinations should I take before I travel to India?
The vaccine recommendations will be made after our medical experts carefully analyse your case. Based on your medical condition, our medical experts will advise/recommend the necessary vaccinations and doses required for you before you travel to India.
4What documents do I need to carry along with me when I come to India?
We at MedTours Global advise you to carry all the documents that you have submitted to us. This includes the latest healthcare records and your past medical reports, any supporting documents that deal with your medical condition, recommendation letter from the doctor of your home country (if available). We will also mail you the list of documents that you should carry while travelling to India.

Medical Visa FAQ’s

1Will you help me in obtaining the Medical Visa or do I have to do it by my own?
No, you do not have to do any running around to obtain your Medical Visa. We at MedTours Global have a special trained team who handles everything for you. We will send you a list of all the documents that we need along with the relevant information about the fees. Once we receive the documents from your end, we will start with the visa formalities.
2Can I get someone along with me?
Yes, you can get someone along with you when you are travelling to India or any other country. In fact, even we would advise that you should have someone whom you can trust so that you will feel comfortable. It will also be helpful when you go back to your home country, you will have an additional support that you need while talking to your doctor back home.
3Who can travel with me and how many people can I get?
Generally, only one additional person can travel along with the patient as a companion/attendant. In case there is more than one, then it would be advisable that they apply for the tourist visa instead of an attendant visa. You can travel with your immediate family members, blood relations, spouse or any person whom you can trust.
4How long is the medical visa valid for? Can I extend my medical visa in case if it is required?
The medical visa is valid for 6 months to one year at a time; just in case you want to extend the medical visa, you need to inform us so that we can do the needful. For the extension of the visa, we need recommendation letter stating the reason behind the visa extension.

During Visit/Treatment

1Do I need to make my schedule or would you do it for me?
Our team of experts will schedule all your appointments and also ensure that the necessary arrangements should get done so that you will be on time. We will mail you the entire schedule in advance. In case of any changes/alterations in your schedule, you can let us know so that we can make the arrangements accordingly.
2Do I have to make my own travel and stay arrangements?
No, you do not have to make your own travel and stay arrangements. We will plan your entire medical trip as well as make arrangements for your stay. From hotels to rental apartments and even private bungalows; we have a wide range of accommodation options that you can use.
3I need a language assistant; will you arrange one for me or do I have to get one by myself?
We have on-board professional translators and language interpreters. These people are comfortable in both local as well as in international languages. If you need a language assistant or a translator, you can let us know. We will make all the arrangements for you. Your language assistant will be by your side at all times during your stay in India*.
4What if I need additional services/treatment/procedures?
In case, if you want to opt for additional treatments, you can let us know and we will do the needful. The only thing you need to make sure is that your stay is within the speculated time frame given for your medical visa.
5What all is included in the quotation you sent to me? Is this the final amount?
It includes the approximate cost of the treatment or procedure, the per day charge and overall rates for your hospital stay and the applicable taxes. The quotation which we have sent to you is tentative. The prices may change depending on the course of the treatment and your medical condition as well. The stay outside and any special services will be charged extra.
6Can you make the necessary arrangements so that I can fulfil my religious obligations?
Yes, MedTours Global will help you to fulfil your religious obligations and will make the necessary arrangements for the same. We can also make the necessary travel arrangements so that you can do your prayers peacefully and in the right manner.
7What food choices and cuisines are available in India? And I’m not used to Indian or spicy food; do you have International cuisines as well?
India is not only a home of spicy food but you can also find good mouth-watering options of International cuisines as well. You can find a wide range of food options from Continental, Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc. and your own country cuisines as-well. In India, you will also find some of the major food chains that are popular across the world like Taco Bell, Mac Donald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc.

Post Medical Treatment

1Is it possible for me to travel back home as soon as I’m done with my treatment?
Based on your medical condition and the treatment you have taken, you may be required to stay in India for a few days before you can travel back home. The doctor/specialist will be the right person to advise you on this front.
2What about the post-treatment options and medicines, how can you arrange that for me?
Just in case there is a requirement; we will make the necessary arrangements so that you can continue your treatment even when you get back home. If any type of medicine needs to be send, we will coordinate accordingly and let you know.
3What are the different modes of payments accepted by Hospitals?
Hospitals in India offer their patients the benefit of paying through debit & credit cards. You can transfer the payment electronically through wire transfer. To know more, please give us a call or email us and we would be happy to provide you all the details required.
4Do you have supported insurance coverage for medical treatments? How do I know if my health insurance will cover the cost?
There are some medical insurance which covers the treatment but we will be in a better position to ascertain its coverage once we have its copy.
5What are the discharge procedures and how do they vary?
A MedTours Global official will be by your side at every step of the way while you are in the hospital. He/She will take care of the discharge formalities as well as hand over all supporting documents post your discharge. Even the hospital authorities will be happy to help you out. They will provide you all supporting bills and documents.