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3 Ps of MedTours India Pvt Ltd

Constructing a perfect friendly environment in a corporate world where you do not find any discrimination, no one is rushing behind incentives, no crappy gossips, no bossy slang, a perfect balance in between personal and professional life and an atmosphere which every employee wishes for is present here at MedTours India Pvt. Ltd.

It is tough to leave a handsome package and think of a start-up in a different field. The path was risky and almost impossible to leave everything behind and start from scratch, especially when you don’t have enough mastery in the healthcare industry. But, there are always traits that separate you from the herd!

The three main pillars (3Ps) of MedTours Global (Brand owned by MedTours India Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram) 

Mr. Gaurav Pant, Co-Founder, and CEO who has an experience of 15+ years working with the well-known brands like BlackBerry, Lenovo/Motorola, Redington Gulf to name a few, having experience and knowledge in driving business, handling country operations and ensuring profitability for assigned vertical/region.

Mr. Manpreet Singh Sahni, Co-founder, and COO who has an experience of 18+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Operations, in India and UAE, worked with some well know brand like Bharti Airtel, Tata, Akzo Nobel India, Aditya Birla Group, Hutch, GBC (UAE), Mahindra & Mahindra, with proven track record. A keen planner with proven ability in devising strategies to augment business.

Ms. Priya Arora, Co-founder, and Director HR holding an experience of more than 11 years & have worked with Telebiz international, Gsoft technologies and Globe Teleservices.

They started MedTours Global with a long term vision to create one of the best medical tourism companies of India and are the 3 Ps of MedTours Global which works on a simple mantra called Compassion Empathy Care.

For them love and care apart from treatment and procedures are the divine service which they can give, and the patient can return with beautiful memories and faster recovery. MedTours Global facilitates their service with a team of around eight people which includes Dr. Divya Nagpal, Associate Vice-President who looks after the complete patient care along with her team, Mr. Alok Kumar Dubey, Head- Business Development & Alliances who is involved in international expansion. Till now MedTours Global is associated with over 300+ multi-specialty hospitals globally that are equipped with high-class technology and have an in-house medical advisory panel who assist them in providing a FREE consultation to the patients from any part of the world.

The idea of entering into medical tourism fraternity clicked in the mind of MedTours Global Co-founder & Director Ms. Priya Arora when she met with a patient from Iraq who came to India for a surgical procedure and was facing a lot of difficulties in hospital and being a good human she helped her throughout the mechanism. She further shared the thought with Gaurav Pant, an old friend, of facilitating healthcare services to the national and international patients so that patient and their family need not worry about the things like currency exchange, doctor’s consultation, appointment from hospitals and prices of different treatment and medical management. They ceased the deal in November 2018 & MedTours India came into the picture. Their mission is to build a pleasing environment for not only employees but also for the patients who travel to India or any other country globally for any medical procedure and treatment. Every surgical procedure is costly, and MedTours Global ensures that a patient’s experience should be hassle-free and cost-effective & filled with a high-quality experience. There are a couple of treatments that are better outside India, and MedTours Global ensures that medical travel for a patient is planned based on their medical condition & the country best suited for their treatment.

MedTours Global was started with few treatments but is now helping patients from across the globe with multiple & complex procedures like orthopaedic, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, organ transplant, bariatric procedures, implants, gynaecology & obstetrics, stem cell transplant & therapy, oncology, neuro & spine surgical procedures, haematology, nephrology, cosmetology and is now on the mission of providing wellness and healthcare packages to the people around the world so that they can get a healthy future.

3Ps of MedTours Global believe that facilitating medical services is a service which should be provided without implementing any charges and based on this thought; they made this as their USP called FREE consultation to any patient who is looking for a treatment or procedure so that they can relax before the final decision. Though one can find several medical tourism companies in India who claim that their services are the best of all, but still, patients get uncomfortable most of the time when they do not meet the expectations which are given to them by the healthcare service providers. MedTours Global helps the patient by providing them the end-to-end solution and assisting those 24×7. They work by inquiring patient’s medical condition from their home country, discussing their case with MedTours Global’s in-house advisory panel about the treatment and assisting them with a complete treatment plan. Besides all the above, they also facilitate in getting medical Visa done in short period, ease them with the hotel stay, priority appointment with the doctor, hand holding the patient during the treatment & post treatment as well. MedTours Global as a policy doesn’t charge its patients for any facilities rendered by them. MedTours Global received their first patient in January 2019 who traveled India for the eye surgery and took all the lovely memories with him. As per the patients who took the experience from MedTours Global stated that it is one of the best medical tourism companies they have found where their experience got enriched.

For 3P’s the health & recovery of the patient are their top priorities, and their team fulfills that wholeheartedly.

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